Dear Friends, Fans & Fellow Rockers,

After last year’s astounding success with a 5 hour simultaneous broadcast on MTV & Vh1, we were very excited to continue our plans to put Indian bands on the big platform. However, this year has been a huge letdown for us. Having showcased bands from across the nation on two of India’s biggest entertainment channel, we were looking forward to giving Indian bands and opportunity to play alongside some of the most renowned acts from across the world. We had confirmed not one but TWO international bands to perform alongside their Indian counterparts at the 27th Independence Rock Finale.


However, this vision remains unfulfilled for now. The spanner in the works were thrown in when the Title Sponsor, for reasons beyond their control, pulled out 4 weeks before we were to begin working on our calling of 27 years. We were faced with two choices. One way to go was to cancel and skip the festival this year. The other was to carry on the baton of faith and carry the flame of independent music forward.


For 26 years, we have been faced with challenges of every kind. From political parties exerting pressure to cancel shows, police authorities cancelling permissions, we have never surrendered to the circumstances. Needless to say, we will continue to carry forward the legacy of “I-Rock”.


This year, we’ve decided to carry on the legacy of Independence Rock with a scaled down version of the festival. We will be funding the festival ourselves and incur losses but we will celebrate Indian independent artists and continue to create a platform for fans to catch their favourite acts live. This year, Independence Rock will be held as a one-day concert on Sunday, 25th of Nov. 2012 and will feature some of the most celebrated Indian independent musicians. The entry to the concert is absolutely free. All you have to do is bring the Mumbai Mirror edition from the day of the concert (or you could just bring the cut-out of the masthead) and walk in.


Being the only festival to have helped a majority of Indian independent artists, we will continue to operate the battle-of-the-bands as part of the festival. Last year, we received over 400 entries form bands across the nation and 40 bands went on to battle it out across four regions. Eight of those bands played some amazing gigs, five bands played the national rounds and one bands played the stage with the cream of the Indian Rock music scene. We were delighted to create this opportunity for Indian bands and even more so that we made it larger-than-life with a 5-Hour simultaneous broadcast on MTV & Vh1, giving bands the biggest platform to showcase their talent.


This year, we refuse to bow down and will take our battle-of-the-bands ahead, as Independence Rock has always strived to do. However, we will have to limit the band hunt to the Mumbai region. We know how unwelcome is this news and, believe us, missing out on all the incredible talent in the rest of the India is not only a big loss to the independent music scene in India, it deeply saddens us too.


But, looking at the bright side, we will still be able to put one undiscovered and talented band from Mumbai up on the big stage. Mumbai Mirror has graciously decided to support our endeavour and is committing to help find a new and yet undiscovered talented band. This band will open the festival for some of the biggest names in Indian independent music.

Registrations are open for the Mumbai Mirror Battle-of-the-Bands and you can send in your demo (mp3 <128kbps), a photograph and a short profile/bio of the band to " This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. "


Giving budding talent a stage has always been of great importance to us. Independence Rock has played a key part in the celebrated stature of bands like Pentagram, Parikrama, Zero, Demonic Resurrection, Bhayanak Maut and so many more – they all found a connection with the audience at Independence Rock and have climbed the ladders of success from there on. In that, lies our greatest satisfaction.

Celebrating their music, we have a power packed line-up this year. Playing the stage this year will be the Metal Giants Zygnema, Bhayanak Maut & Brahma. There is also a stirring solo set by Warren Mendonsa (Blackstratblues) and a brutal performance by Pentagram. Warren will also be collaborating on stage with Ehsaan Noorani & Loy Mendonsa for an incredible set.


With an experience of doing a festival for 27 years, we can say with conviction that setbacks come and go and we will continue to support and develop the Indian music scene. We have grown over the years, from being a small part of a college festival to showcasing the talent of Indian bands on MTV & Vh1, reaching the entire nation. Spread the word and bring your friends; we hope to have your support.